Episode 29: First Podiversary Q&A

In this bonus episode of the podcast, I answer the questions that have been asked up to this point in the giveaway thread to celebrate my one-year podiversary. Questions range from my most challenging and rewarding projects, to inspiration and how I design, to how I got started dyeing and whether or not I’d be interested in teaching dyeing with several others in between.


Question from hunters99: Where does most of your inspiration come from when designing your new designs?
Gringolet Cowl
Brynhild Cowl
The Wife of Bath’s Cowl
Arcite Cowl
Goose Cowl (to be in upcoming Parliament of Cowls book)

Three Patterns

Question from Craftmouse: If you had to choose only three of your patterns that you could knit for the rest of your life, which would you choose? (Includes the Parliment of Cowls)
Blanchefleur Shawl
Chaucer Hat
Turtledove Cowl (to be in upcoming Parliament of Cowls book)

Planning vs. Improv

Question from Catsandyarns1: When you are designing, do you start knitting and see where your imagination takes you? Or do you have it all planned out first?

Most Challenging Project

Question from lajoyagirl: What has been your most challenging project and why?
Afghan for my MIL
Alice Top

Summer Knitting

Question from ASimpleMotif: Does your knitting change in the summer? Do you switch projects or fiber?

Getting Started Dyeing

Question from ashsalt: I loved the early (very first?) episode where you talk about learning to knit and learning about the importance of gauge and discovering different yarns. It would be great to hear kind of the same about how you got into dyeing–first projects or experiments, figuring out what you like to dye and don’t like to dye, etc.
Check out my way early Instagram posts for pictures of my first dyeing experiments:
Dyeing for the first time
First Two Skeins Dyed
First Six Skeins Dyed
More Early Skeins
And More
I Need a Bigger Box!
My First Labels
Round Table Yarns debut

Books vs. Classes

Question from Karebear: Have you ever taken a class to learn how to knit a special technique or just something you wanted to learn, or are you self-taught by videos and books? Do you favor one type of learning to knit over the other? I know everyone learns differently, so maybe that’s what I’m asking. What type of learner are you?

Most Rewarding Project

Question from timstephens4: I would have to ask what has been your most challenging and/or rewarding knitted project (doesn’t have to be a shawl)?
Quidditch Sweater

Teaching Dyeing

Question from ptmsmith: Would you ever be interested in teaching a class on how to dye yarn?
Felicia Lo’s Patreon page for online dyeing school

Podiversary Giveaway!

Giveaway thread on Ravelry (started May 18, 2017 and ends May 31, 2017)

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