Episode 36: I got it on Etsy

In this episode, I discuss an article from Abby Glassenberg about the direction Etsy is going under its new CEO–a direction I think is not going to be good for handcrafted businesses. I finished my Wonder Woman Wrap, I have the sample of a new hat design finished, I’m almost finished with another project, and I started a new-ish design project (reworking of a shawl design from a few months back). I talk a little about my trunk show during the DFW Yarn Crawl and some upcoming ideas for the next yarn club and some holiday-inspired self-striping colorways. And poor Sam, although doing much better now, has given us quite a scare recently with his health.

Links to Things Mentioned in the Episode

The Shirt

Minecraft Birthday Shirt bought from HollyCreatesbyHand on Etsy
Etsy Steers Away from Reinventing Commerce, Instead Encourages Sellers to Compete blog post by Abby Glassenberg

The Shawl

My Wonder Woman Wrap
Wonder Woman Wrap by Carissa Browning

What I’m Knitting

My Beauty and the Beast Shawl
Beauty and the Beast Shawl by verybusymonkey
Q3 KAL/CAL Chat Thread
My Dark Side EPV socks
Must Stash Yarn
My Long and Winding Row cowl
Long and Winding Row by Susan Ashcroft

What I’m Stashing

Erin.Lane Bags
Elemental Fiberworks

What I’m Designing

DFW Designers Collections Volume 2 – knit collection | crochet collection

What I’m Dyeing

DFW Yarn Crawl
Knitting Fairy

My Businesses

KarenDawn Designs
Round Table Yarns


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