Episode 40: Accountability

In this episode, I share the shirt that a friend recently got me as a gift and do a little “shaming” of myself for the finishing (or lack thereof) on some recent shawl projects. Along with sharing my knitting and dyeing progress, I also talk about two books I’ve read recently. One led me to write a short essay of my own (which I read in this episode) and the other has led me to creating a list of books I want to read.

Links to Things Mentioned in the Episode

The Shirt

Catmilton shirt

The Shawl

My Wicked Shawl
My Wonder Woman Wrap
My Rice Fields Shawl
Build Your Knitting Skills and Confidence Facebook group

What I’m Knitting

My House Cup socks
Gynx Yarns
My Dame Nature Shawl

What I’m Dyeing

DFW Fiber Fest
Special Halloween self-striping colorway (available until October 31, 2017)


Q4 KAL/CAL Chat thread

What I’m Reading/Watching

A Stash of One’s Own edited by Clara Parkes
The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman

My Businesses

KarenDawn Designs
Round Table Yarns


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