Episode 7: Reading Harry Potter

In this episode, I talk about reading Harry Potter for the first time years ago and reading the new Harry Potter play. I also share updates on the two knitting projects I’ve really been focusing on the past two weeks as well as updates on the quarterly KAL for the podcast, showing the two FOs that have been completed so far.

Links to Things Mentioned in the Episode

The Flood Of 2016: Southeast Louisiana And The Consequences Of Real Community – I found this article to be rather interesting and wanted to share it. Inside, you’ll find a link for how to help.
Designer Emily Ringelman‘s house flooded and she is having a pattern sale to help raise funds to replace household items.

The Shirt

I couldn’t find a link to a shirt like the one I’m wearing. I got it at Kohl’s a number of years ago.

The Shawl

Argante by Corrina Ferguson
My Argante
JulieSpins yarn

What I’m Knitting

Charlatan Shawl by Jennie Santopietro
Hitofude by Hiroko Fukatsu

What I’ve Finished

Windows of the Knights sample sock

What I’m Stashing

Elemental Fiberworks Fiber Club

Podcast Announcements

T-Shirts and Shawls Q3 KAL
Finished Objects from the Q3 KAL
Build Your Knitting Skills and Confidence Facebook group
Questions for Karen

What I’m Reading

Stray by Elissa Sussman
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Marking Time by April White
Tempting Fate by April White
Bookbub (get emails with daily book deals)

KarenDawn Designs Updates

Polyxena Pre-KAL Chat thread

Round Table Yarns Updates

Get yarn for the KAL from Art-by-Ana (go for the 150g Party Cake)
Mailing List Signup
DFW Yarn Crawl

My Businesses

KarenDawn Designs
Round Table Yarns


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    • Thanks, April! I really liked Marking Time and am currently reading the third book in the series.

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